Crafting counts!

Those of us who enjoy crafting for pleasure sometimes find we produce more than we can give away or sell or need, but still want to keep our  fingers busy and enjoy the process of crafting without necessarily needing to keep the product. If this is you, then there will be a series of blog posts for those who want some ideas of what to do.

Many people are great knitters and crocheters- not me so much, but I know a lot of people who can really make those needles fly, so I will write about those to begin with. There are lots of charities who will take knitted or crocheted squares or blankets- you can search online to see if your favourite charity or focus do this. One of the ones which I know that does is the Freedom from Fistula foundation, which I support. The charity supports women in several countries in Africa, including Malawi, where I used to live who suffer from fistula following very difficult labours and births. The charity helps women to learn crafting skills as they wait for and recover from surgery, and one of the things they do is sew together knitted squares to make blankets; this helps them to learn the sewing skills and also each mother  can then take home a warm blanket she has made. The charity also accept premature baby jackets for the babies born to these ladies. SO if you can knit a square…you can donate them to this wonderful charity. Keep your fingers busy in front of the TV! I think even I can try and do this…

The Big KNIT Challenge
The second knitting step you can take is for the more technically accurate knitter, which is to knit a knocker! This is an organisation which provides hand knitted cotton breast prostheses to women who have undergone mastectomy due to breast cancer. These *knockers* are made to order and can also be requested on the site. There is a US site  here US Knit a Knocker and a UK site here UK Knit a Knocker. You do have to be able to knit with some skill, maintaining tension and using specific stitches, but I am sure there are lots of people out there who can do that! The knitted knockers are often much more comfortable than the silicon prostheses which can be hot and chafing and heavy, and these are provided absolutely free to ladies who request them, thanks to the knitting skills of people who give a little of their time and yarn!

I hope to continue to post links to lots of other organisations who want your spare crafting time and effort! In the meantime,Saga has a great page of links for all sorts of crafting projects from knitting cat toys to vests for battery hens to  sewing simple dresses for girls in orphanages. Well worth a visit! Saga- Crafting links

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  1. Rebekah says:

    Your knitted knockers post was most timely – an online crochet group friend posted that he daughter was having to have emergency surgery and I wrote and told her about your post. First set have already been knitted. So Thanks for that.

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  2. nzangablog says:

    Glad to be of service!!! Hope the knocker works well!


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